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Employer COVID-19 Vaccination Pop-up Q&A

Planning the event

Which healthcare provider would serve my location?

If your organization is selected to host a pop-up site, you will be matched to an existing vaccine provider in your vicinity.

 Will my company have to pay for the vaccine or the pop-up?

No, there is no cost to the company for scheduling a pop-up through this process, or for providing the COVID-19 vaccine to individuals. Based on the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement, all providers must vaccinate individuals regardless of whether they have health insurance coverage or what type of coverage they have, and are prohibited from balance billing or otherwise charging vaccine recipients themselves. The New Jersey Department of Health website has more information.

Can I pick the dates of my pop-up site?

Yes. If your organization is paired with a vaccine provider you will work with that provider to identify mutually acceptable dates for your organization and the provider.

Can I choose which vaccine(s) will be administered at my site?

This will depend on the vaccine provider partner you are paired with. While efforts will be made to accommodate preference for vaccine brand, a particular vaccine cannot be guaranteed.

When will I hear back that my pop-up site is confirmed?

If your organization is selected to be matched with a provider to host a pop-up site, you will be contacted by either NJDOH, the Governor’s Office, the Vaccine Call Center, or a Vaccine Administration Provider. This will occur after NJDOH has gauged the volume of interest and need for temporary vaccine pop-up clinics.

What is the minimum number of people required to host a pop-up site?

The State is currently seeking to vaccinate at least 100 individuals per event, including employees, friends and family, and the general public. An accurate estimate of attendance will help the provider organization to have enough vaccine doses on hand to vaccinate everyone in attendance.

What is the maximum number of people who could be vaccinated at the pop-up site?

There is no established maximum number of vaccinations per event. However, an accurate estimate of attendance will help the provider organization to have enough vaccine doses on hand to vaccinate everyone scheduled to participate.

Does our organization have to commit to ensuring a certain number of individuals are present for the event? If we fall short, is there a fee?

Our goal is to vaccinate at least 100individuals per clinic (including employees, friends and family, and the general public). We rely on employers hosting pop-ups to help promote the event and schedule individuals who need to be vaccinated. There is no fee or penalty if vaccination goals are not reached for an individual event.

For how long would the pop-up site be running?

Sites run for one day. Operating hours can be discussed with the vaccine provider and will depend on expected volume of participants.

How much space is required for the pop-up to be held?

Space should be sufficient to set-up three separate stations: registration, administration/vaccination, and observation. The space needed to accommodate each of those stations will vary depending on the expected volume of vaccinations. Exact requirements should be discussed with the vaccine provider after pairing.

Is there a preference for indoor or outdoor locations?

Pop-ups have been held at both indoor and outdoor locations in the past. If your organization is paired with a vaccine provider, you will work with them to determine the most suitable area at your work site. Please take into account the time of year and weather when planning outside pop-up clinics.

Promoting the event

Would the pop-up just be for my employees or for everyone in the community?

While you should promote the vaccine with your employees, it is recommended that the pop-up be accessible to everyone who is able to come in to get vaccinated, including employees' family members, friends, and the general public.

Can we partner with neighboring companies to increase participation?

Yes, partnerships are encouraged.

 Are there any state-sponsored incentives which we could use to promote the event?

Yes. The State of NJ has launched several initiatives for vaccinated individuals, including the “Vax and Visit” and “Operation Jersey Summer” campaigns. More information can be found here.

How can our employees learn more about the vaccine?

For more information visit the NJ Department of Health’s webpage here.

The day of the event

What will I be responsible for if hosting a pop-up site at my location?

The pop-up sites will be set-up and run at no cost to you. As a host, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Working with a local provider to identify appropriate space within your facility, ensuring areas for registration, vaccination and observation
  • Conducting outreach ahead of the vaccination event to increase engagement and uptake (e.g., e-mails to employees, flyers)
  • Serving as a site liaison and providing logistics support (e.g. managing volunteers / guides) to the provider team onsite on the day of the event

After the event

Depending on which vaccine is being administered, will the second dose be provided at our site as well?

This will be determined in conjunction with your provider partner. If a very large number of people are expected to be vaccinated at your site, the provider may return to provide second doses. Regardless, your provider partner will work with people receiving the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to make an appointment to receive the second dose at a convenient location within the community.

EEOC Guidelines

Can we require employees to be vaccinated? Can we offer incentives for employees to be vaccinated?

The EEOC issued guidance on these topics in May 2021, which can be found on their website. Relevant parts of that guidance include:

  • Federal EEO laws do not prevent an employer from requiring all employees physically entering the workplace to be vaccinated for COVID-19, so long as employers comply with the reasonable accommodation provisions of the ADA and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other EEO considerations. Other laws, not in EEOC’s jurisdiction, may place additional restrictions on employers. From an EEO perspective, employers should keep in mind that because some individuals or demographic groups may face greater barriers to receiving a COVID-19 vaccination than others, some employees may be more likely to be negatively impacted by a vaccination requirement.
  • Federal EEO laws do not prevent or limit employers from offering incentives to employees to voluntarily provide documentation or other confirmation of vaccination obtained from a third party (not the employer) in the community, such as a pharmacy, personal health care provider, or public clinic. If employers choose to obtain vaccination information from their employees, employers must keep vaccination information confidential pursuant to the ADA.
  • Employers that are administering vaccines to their employees may offer incentives for employees to be vaccinated, as long as the incentives are not coercive. Because vaccinations require employees to answer pre-vaccination disability-related screening questions, a very large incentive could make employees feel pressured to disclose protected medical information.


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