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What is New Jersey Zero Emission Incentive Program (NJ ZIP)?

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The New Jersey Zero Emission Incentive Program (NJ ZIP) provides vouchers to businesses to support the purchase of new, zero emission medium and heavy-duty vehicles (MHDVs), such as pickup trucks, vans, busses, and box trucks.

NJ ZIP is the first initiative in New Jersey’s holistic, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)-funded effort to support the deployment of zero emission MHDVs. The pilot program will provide 100 to 300 vouchers ranging in value from $25,000 to $100,000 for businesses and institutional organizations in the greater Newark and Camden areas purchasing new, zero emission MHDVs. The size of vouchers awarded through the program will vary depending on the class of vehicle being purchased. Bonuses will be available for small businesses; women-, minority-, and veteran-owned businesses; vehicles that are manufactured in New Jersey; small businesses that scrap their eligible gas- or diesel-powered MHDVs; and vendors that invest in driver education and training.

Vouchers will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible buyers with $5 million set aside for micro and small businesses. The pilot program will only be available in the greater Newark and greater Camden areas, defined as the overburdened communities within or intersected by a circle with a 10-mile radius centered on Newark and Camden.

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This program is administered by the NJEDA.

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