Register your Business for New Jersey Tax & Employer purposes

All businesses operating in New Jersey must file form NJ-REG either by applying online, or filing by paper. Doing so ensures that your business is registered under the correct tax identification number and that you will receive the proper returns and notices. 

If you have or plan on having employees, the application will include registering your business for employer purposes. Registering as an employer will make you subject to state payroll taxes, including the Unemployment Insurance Tax, State Disability Insurance, and other withholdings. 

If you plan on collecting Sales Tax, within the registration process, will need to obtain an authorization to Collect Sales Tax. A business purchasing items for resale should also obtain a ST-3 Resale Certificate that allows them to purchase items that they will be reselling tax free. 

Once you complete the registration you will receive a Business Registration Certificate (BRC). You will need your BRC number when completing your taxes.

Register Your Business

After you’ve completed this step you will have: 

Business Registration Certificate (BRC)