One Jersey Pledge

New Jersey businesses can participate in the One Jersey Pledge, committing to follow health and safety guidelines to save lives.

To help stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives, New Jersey businesses, organizations, employees, and customers can participate in the One Jersey Pledge, committing to follow health and safety guidelines during New Jersey's economic and social restart and recovery.

Businesses and organizations can download posters with their commitment to customers and to employees.

As part of the One Jersey Pledge:

Businesses and organizations pledge to:

  • Wear face coverings and gloves for contact with their customers and goods
  • Ensure social distancing to the greatest extent possible
  • Follow hygiene guidelines, including regular hand-washing
  • Clean high-touch surfaces frequently
  • Train their employees on all health and sanitization protocols
  • Conduct employee health screenings
  • Support contact tracing initiatives in the interest of public health
  • Require employees with symptoms of COVID-19 to stay home

Customers pledge to:

  • Stay home if they're not feeling well
  • Keep their distance (6 feet)
  • Mask up

Employers pledge to:

  • Provide appropriate PPE for employees' jobs
  • Provide sanitization materials, training, and time to practice safe hygiene as recommended by CDC
  • Respect employees' privacy if participating in contact tracing efforts and/or other health initiatives
  • Administer staff health screenings that require employees stay home if sick
  • Institute measures to clean high-touch common areas frequently

Employees pledge to:

  • Stay at home if they feel sick
  • Follow hygiene guidelines, including regular hand-washing
  • Wear face coverings and other required PPE
  • Participate in staff health screening on arrival
  • Clean high-touch areas frequently

Download the pledge in English:

Download the pledge in Spanish:


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