One-Stop Career Centers

Hiring the right people is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner and manager. Learn about resources to help you bring on new employees and the necessary steps that you need to take as an employer.

One-Stop Career Centers

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development's One Stop Career Centers can help find qualified workers to fill your staffing needs or to upskill your existing workers. State services include:

  • Free job listings, referral information, phone banks, computer access, and workshops
  • No-cost advertising of open positions
  • Customized training for staff, interview rooms, and information for businesses affected by plant closures or layoffs
  • Customized recruitment to help quickly fill multiple positions
  • Candidate screening and/or testing to assure only qualified workers apply for positions
  • Facilities for conducting both one-on-one and group interviews
  • On-the-job and pre-employment training to provide workers with the skills necessary for employment

For more information, visit the Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development's website.

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