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New Jersey Future of Work Accelerator

June 2, 2021

Applications are due June 14th, 2021.

The NJ Future of Work (FOW) Accelerator is seeking applications from startups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, public sector institutions and employees, unions, and grassroots organizations with innovative programs or technology that improves job quality and economic security for workers and their families. 

The FOW Accelerator is a 9 month program that will bring together a group of national and regional innovators and provide them with custom workshops, masterclasses, access to funders, and one-on-one mentoring to accelerate the reach and growth of their innovations in New Jersey. Apply online through the Accelerator’s website.

The FOW Accelerator welcomes innovations at any stage of development; from an early idea, pilot ready, to a successful initiative that is ready to grow to a new region or expand to a broader demographic.

The FOW Accelerator will focus on innovations that address the following themes:

  • Improving employment opportunities for workers via lifelong learning and re-skilling initiatives, improved career and/or training guidance, or other such innovations.
  • Offering greater economic security and resilience through financial innovations like portable benefits solutions, crowdfunding initiatives, etc.
  • Strengthening worker voice, ownership, and power.
  • Enhancing employer practices (e.g., workplace safety innovations, hazard pay, portable benefits, hiring and recruitment technology)
  • Improving job opportunities, inclusion, and financial support systems for disadvantaged groups or demographics.

For more information visit the Accelerator's website.

The Accelerator is supported by the New Jersey Office of Innovation, the RSA, and the Workers Lab.


NJ Office of Innovation