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Recreational Cannabis

Recreational cannabis is now legal in New Jersey! If you plan to cultivate, manufacture, or sell marijuana look at our starter kit to get started!

Knowing exactly what your business needs to do to start can be difficult. To start your Cannabis business you first need to decide on the right license type.  There are two types of licenses:

Conditional & Conversion Licenses

A conditional license allows you to build your cannabis business but not operate it. You don't need to own or lease a site or obtain municipal approval to receive this license. This is a good approach if your business is starting to develop but isn’t ready to fully operate.

Once you are ready to operate and have the necessary paperwork, you then need to apply for a conversion license. With a conversion license you can legally run your cannabis business.

Conditional/Conversion license applications have priority review over annual license applications.

Annual License

A business seeking an annual Cannabis license should be ready to operate. An annual applicant will be required to submit a more detailed application that includes:

  • Information on their owned or leased business location
  • Municipal approval including zoning approval
  • An operating summary plan in which applicants detail their experience, history, and knowledge of critical pieces of operating a cannabis business

(Conditional license applicants will eventually need to submit this information when they're ready to convert to an annual license.)

Know Your License Type?

Depending on your proposed location, or the owners background your business may be eligible for priority status and your application's review expedited. We'll ask you a few more questions about your business to give you a step-by-step registration guide that will identify any priorities, licenses, or applications you may need to get started.

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Although great efforts are made to keep these guides as accurate as possible, they are primarily for informational purposes. Specific details about your business may require additional or more specialized assistance. You are encouraged to consult with an attorney and accountant for legal and tax advice.

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