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Terms & Privacy Policy

State of New Jersey Legal Statement & Disclaimers
State of New Jersey Privacy Notice

In addition to the New Jersey Legal Statement & Disclaimers and the New Jersey Privacy Notice, the information below summarizes how information from visitors to websites’ is collected, used, and protected. We may collect personal and non-personal information you provide directly to us and information we or third-party service providers collect automatically whenever you interact with our sites. Included is a list of integrated web products on our sites, the types of data being collected, and how you can opt-out of data collection.

Data automatically collected websites use cookies and identifiers from third-party partners such as Google Analytics to collect data for website functionality, analytics and measurement services, or for marketing and advertising purposes to deliver relevant features, content, and essential services the state provides.  

Advertising cookies may use “advertising cookies” to display advertisements that feature relevant topics, programs and services to you, based on websites you have visited. 

Persistent cookies vs. session cookies 

Some cookies called session cookies, do not retain any information on your device or send information from your device when you visit a website. These cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser window. 

Persistent cookies are cookies that are stored on your device until you erase them, change your browser settings to block them, or they expire. Advertising cookies are persistent cookies. 

Opt-out options for persistent advertising cookies

If you want to opt-out of Google’s advertising cookies, there are options available to you to check and make changes to your browser settings and ad settings that can limit the types of data collected and ads you see on your desktop and mobile devices. These options are listed below:

  1. Clear the cookies on your web browser. Most browsers allow you to manage how cookies are used when you visit websites, and to clear cookie data and browsing history. Browser settings may also allow you to set cookie preferences for websites. Check the settings for the particular browser in use.
  2. Download and install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on for your web browser. This add-on is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
    Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on: 
  3. Control the ads you see or turn-off Ads Personalization by updating your ad preferences through signing into your Google account and visiting Google’s Ad Settings.
    Google Ad Settings:
  4. Opt-out of receiving tailored online ads through your browser and mobile devices by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative Website (NAI)
    NAI Consumer Opt-Out for interest-based advertising:

Products Used on Websites 

Name: Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager 

Purpose: Used to determine how users engage with websites to build better features, provide services, and improve the user’s experience. 

Data collected: Anonymous/aggregated usage data and user statistics (age, gender, and interest categories) collected when you visit our website including how often you visit, what pages you visit, links you click, and other actions you take on the site such as submitting a form.  Any personal data you choose to provide and submit via a form on our websites will not be shared with Google.

Express Opt-Out: 

Name: Google Ads 

Purpose: We and Google use cookies to track conversion rates and measure campaign performance when you click on a Google ad on a site you visit. We use this tool to raise awareness about State-provided information, programs, and services and increase traffic to our websites. 

*We may use Google’s remarketing features to target ads most relevant to you. Google does not sell any personal information to third parties.

Data collected: Anonymous/aggregated data collected when a user completes a specified action such as a link click, form submission, or other events. Any personal data you choose to provide and submit via a form on our websites will not be shared with Google.

Express Opt-Out:

Name: Google Search Console 

Purpose: Used to measure search engine traffic and see which search queries bring users to our site. We use this tool to make content improvements, which allows for better search results when users are looking to find information on sites. 

Data collected: Data collected when you enter a phrase or keyword in the search engine box and when you click on a website link or ad in search results. 

Express Opt-Out: If you have a Google account and are signed into it, Google may be able to link information that it collects from Google Site Search with information from your Google account. 

You can sign-out of your Google account or go to for information on opting out. 

Name: Intercom

Purpose: A live chat tool we use to improve the user experience by providing customer support services to answer questions asked and resolve issues discovered during a site visit. 

Data collected: Data collected includes voluntary information and general usage of the tool such as chat volume, customer satisfaction score, resolution rate, and other statistics. 

Express Opt-Out: Users do not need to use the live chat feature on the website.

For users who interact with Intercom’s online chat:

Data you provide directly to us

You may voluntarily provide us certain personal and non-personal information we utilize for:

Purpose: Authentication and security 

Personal contact and account information when you sign up for Navigator through creating a myNJ account. 

Data collected: Your name, email address, username, password


Purpose: Personalized content and features

Business information is used to generate your step-by-step guide for doing business in New Jersey. This function enables you to form your business directly through our integrated API system and utilizes features that help you keep track of your business information. 

Data collected: Business information such as your business name, business location, industry, NAICS code, or other business details


Purpose: Customer feedback and customer support

Data collected: Contact, account, or business information; other information you choose to provide, such as when you submit a customer feedback survey, engage with the online chat, or contact us. 

We may use your personal information to communicate with you including, but not limited to, responding to your inquiries, fulfilling your requests or to send information to you.

Safeguarding and protecting your information limits the collection of sensitive personal data via our websites and integrated web products. You may be asked to contact an agency representative via an official agency phone number if this information is needed to provide you with customer support. Should you receive such a contact, please note that your disclosure of such sensitive personal information is voluntary.

Sensitive Personal Information means any of the following data categories that merit special protection:

(i) credit, debit or other payment card data subject to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards ("PCI DSS"); 

(ii) patient, medical or other protected health information regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA"); or

(iii) any other personal data of an EU citizen deemed to be in a "special category" (as identified in EU General Data Protection Regulation or any successor directive or regulation).

As stated in the New Jersey Privacy Policy:

We take all reasonable steps and precautions to protect the information you provide us on from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction; however, this cannot be absolutely guaranteed. For more information on how we secure and protect your information, please visit