Register Your Business

Registering your business is a key part of getting up and running. All companies doing business in New Jersey need to register with the State. You can find the information you need to navigate the steps below.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

If you plan on having employees, be sure to register with the IRS to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) - think of it as a social security number for your business that is used to pay business and payroll taxes, as well as meet other business needs such as applying for a bank account. Even if you don't plan on having employees, consider getting an EIN anyway - it's free and will likely come in handy in the future.

Employee Identification Number

Incorporate your Business Entity

If you choose to structure your business as a Limited Partnership, Corporation, or Limited Liability Company, you will need to incorporate your business entity with the New Jersey Treasury Department's Division of Revenue. Visit their website to make sure your business name is available and get tips on filing.

Division of Revenue

Fictitious Business Name

If you've chosen a business name that is different from your first and last name (for instance, if your business is called "Jane's Grocery" instead of "Jane Doe Inc."), you will first need to make sure that no one else is using that name. Check to see if the name is still available, and then be sure to register the name to yourself so someone else doesn't take it. This helps to avoid confusion from having a lot of businesses with the same name, and will protect your business by ensuring that no one starts doing business using your business name.

Sole Proprietorships and General Partnerships will register their names at the County Clerk's Office in every County where they plan on conducting business. Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, or other legal entities wishing to conduct business using something other than their legal name must register their Alternate Names with the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services.

Register a Business Name

Register with the Office of Finance/Business Tax Registration Certificate

All companies doing business within the State of New Jersey must obtain a Business Registration Certificate from the New Jersey Treasury Department. It's easy to do online, or you may apply on paper via a NJ-REG form.

Business Registration Certificate

Sales Tax

In the State of New Jersey, businesses involved in transactions that are subject to Sales and Use Tax must collect New Jersey Sales Tax.

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Collecting Sales Tax

Register as an Employer

If you have or plan on having employees, the application for a Business Registration Certificate (BRC) will include registering your business for employer purposes. Apply online with the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services.

Register as an Employer