Leasing Tips

Already found a great location for your business? It is time to consider tenant improvements, ADA compliance, and leasing terms.

Few spaces are "turnkey ready" for your business – most businesses will require some changes and customization to help them realize their vision. Depending on the space and the market, you may be able to negotiate Tenant Improvements (or "TIs") with your landlord. Tenant Improvements can take the form of an allowance to help make improvements to the space, free rent, or the landlord may agree to make the changes themselves.

Commercial spaces are required to be accessible to people with disabilities ("ADA compliant"). Depending on the specific site and your renovation plans, you may need to make accessibility upgrades from widening aisles to changing bathroom fixtures. Ask your landlord if the space is ADA compliant and discuss who will be responsible for any costs that are associated with accessibility upgrades and/or litigation should a lawsuit be filed. You may also consider having a Certified Access Specialist (CAS) to inspect the property and identify what changes are necessary to make the property ADA compliant.

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