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New Liability Insurance Requirements for Business Owners, Landlords

August 20, 2022

As of November 3rd, 2022, landlords and business owners in New Jersey will be required to carry $500,000 in liability insurance for deaths or bodily injuries that may occur at their properties. For small, multifamily rental properties that are owner-occupied, the minimum liability insurance will be $300,000.


Drought Watch in Effect

August 12, 2022

New Jersey is under a drought watch as of August 9th, 2022. Businesses and residents are urged to conserve water as persistent dry and hot conditions continue to stress water supplies throughout the state.

Current water supply status is available from the website of the state Department of Environmental Protection.


Outdoor Dining Permissions Extended by Two Years

August 8, 2022

Restaurants, bars, distilleries, and breweries may continue to use fixtures and equipment enabling them to serve patrons outdoors in private areas, on sidewalks, and in other municipally-designated outdoor areas until November 30th, 2024. The permissions were previously set to expire November 30th, 2022.

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