Built on Open Source Content, Code, & Creativity
Built on Open Source Content, Code, & Creativity

Thank You

This site is made possible by building on the work and creativity of the Cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as their technology partners, Tomorrow Partners and CivicActions, whose Business Portal content and code base served as a foundation for Business.NJ.gov. You can find the LA open source code and a history of the project on the Startup in a Day Github Page.


About This Initiative

Business.NJ.gov is being developed by the New Jersey Office of Innovation, Department of State's Business Action Center and the Economic Development Authority with support from Departments and Agencies across the State.

This site and the Governor's Business First Stop initiative are intended to simplify and streamline access to the information, resources, and services that aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners need to start, operate, and grow their business in the Garden State.

We are launching Business.NJ.gov in beta and using real-time user input to iteratively improve the site and services. The site is also being developed with the support and input of business communities throughout the State.


Built as Open Source

Business.NJ.gov is an open source project that is meant to serve as a base for anyone who is looking to create an online resource for their own business community. You can access the source code on GitHub.


Suggestions, Feedback, and Contributions

Please reach out or leave feedback for us. You can also open a Github pull request or issue.


License and Copyright
  1. We have made the original content (“Content”) of these pages available to the public. Unless otherwise stated on other content or information to which a restriction on free use may apply, Content is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License, which provides for a worldwide, royalty-free license to reproduce and share the Content in whole or in part. Third party content, libraries, services and materials (including all icons and graphics) retain their original licenses.

  2. Unless otherwise stated, the software code for this website is made available under the MIT License. Software code and development information can be found at New Jersey's Github Business repository. Third party content, libraries, services and materials (including the chatbot and knowledge base services) retain their original licenses. Making a copy of such third-party material may be subject to copyright, trademark or other intellectual property laws. A significant portion of the current website has been derived from the Los Angeles Business Portal open source code and is subject to the specific terms below.

  3. Neither our name nor the names of other copyright holders may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this Content or software without specific prior written permission.

  4. The portion of the Website source code and content available at the New Jersey/business-website Github repository has been adapted from the Los Angeles Business Portal. Re-use of these materials and source code as well as any additional content and code derived from the Los Angeles Business Portal is subject to the following license information:

    1. The Business Portal distribution is designed to work with Drupal version 7 and is licensed under Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3 or later found in the LICENSE file. Drupal is licensed under the GPLv2 or later. The Drupal copyright is held by the Drupal developers. See Drupal.org for more information.

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