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New Jersey Eases Restrictions for Breweries and Craft Beverage Manufacturers

January 25, 2024

A new law provides breweries, distilleries, and other craft beverage manufacturers with additional operational flexibility. Here are the key provisions:

  • Outdoor Service: Craft manufacturers can now serve alcohol outdoors with the approval of the local municipality.
  • Onsite and Off-Premises Events: License holders are permitted to hold unlimited onsite events and up to 25 off-premises events per year without needing additional permits for each event.
  • Production Cap: The annual production limit for holders of restricted brewery licenses has been raised to 300,000 barrels.
  • Food Vendor Partnerships: Craft manufacturers are allowed to form partnerships with food vendors, provided that the operations of the craft manufacturer and the food vendor are conducted independently.
  • Snack and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sales: Manufacturers are now authorized to sell pre-packaged snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Televised Events: Showing televised events on the premises no longer requires special permits for craft manufacturers.
  • Merchandise Sales: The sale of merchandise related to the craft manufacturer, such as branded apparel, is now permitted.

The prior requirement for educational tours as a condition for on-premises sales has been removed. For complete details on how these changes could affect your craft beverage business, please refer to the full text of the legislation or seek professional legal advice.

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