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New Jersey Liquor License Transfer: A Guide for License Holders

January 25, 2024

Upcoming changes to liquor license regulations in New Jersey may require holders of inactive licenses to take action. Beginning August 1st, 2024, if a liquor license has not been used for two consecutive license terms, the holder may face the risk of the license expiring. However, there are options for transferring the license and preventing its expiration.

Transferring an Inactive Liquor License:

  1. Activate at a New Location: License holders may reactivate their license by using it at a new premises within the same municipality, subject to local regulations and zoning requirements.
  2. Transfer to a Contiguous Municipality: License holders can opt to transfer their license to a neighboring municipality for use in a designated redevelopment, improvement, or revitalization area. Both the sending and receiving municipalities must approve the transfer, which is subject to a transfer fee.
  3. One-Year Extension: Municipalities have the authority to grant a one-year extension to the inactive period, giving license holders additional time to make arrangements for the use or transfer of their license.

Affected license holders should take timely action to either use or transfer their inactive license.